We want to help Corporates do more for society.

WePlant wants to work with corporates that want to make an impact and increase their corporate social responsibility initiatives. Corporates can trust WePlant because we want to create an effect with the help of our projects. The cataclysmic cyclones and hurricanes, the unprecedented cloudbursts, the unseasonal heat, and untimely rains are proof enough of nature mistreated. WePlant intends to plant a million lungs, rejuvenate lakes, build rainwater harvesting systems, and teach the young generations to protect the environment.
When we destroy the habitats of bats by cutting down forests, for instance, they flee to urban habitation with devastating results. What we all forget is that we are but a little knot in the divine and sentient web of life. This plunder of habitats with utter disregard for ethics and stone-deaf conscience is what’s leading to pandemics such as the one today.

At WePlant, we take a pledge to enrich by NEVER impoverishing nature or communities dependent on it. At WePlant, we take a tacit vow to remove the gap of inequality, to restore every individual’s right to live with dignity and pride. WePlant wants to remind everyone that less is more, to create wealth through conservation of resources and a collective sharing of resources.

How you can partner WePlant

  • Collaboration
  • Contribution
  • Conservation initiatives
  • Community revival
  • Coexistence
  • Collective funding