What We Do

About Us

WePlant wants to revive nature’s agrarian patterns. WePlant is a group of extraordinary people determined to protect the environment, and to teach the young minds by sensitizing them towards the importance of environment conservation and motivate one and all to participate in planting trees, rejuvenate lakes, and increase the groundwater levels by rainwater harvesting. We want to replenish the ecosystem through afforestation and reforestation. WePlant intends to plant a million lungs that will shrink the ozone hole and purify the air. We bring economic wealth at the grass-root level.

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect the nature and rejuvenate it. To bring back the ground water level by planting trees and rain water harvesting, to bring back the natural reservoirs, and to educate the young generation early on about the natural gifts given to us by mother earth.

Our Values

The values that inspire us:
P : Passion to grow more trees
L : Love towards Nature
A : Accomplish our Mission
N : Nature revival
T : Thrive to Succeed

Our Vision

We want to see the nature thrive and coming generations to save the nature. We want to see the lakes filled with water, millions of trees planted so the ozone hole is filled and never broken again and want them to continue teaching to upcoming generations.