Mission Million Lungs

Mission Million Lungs​

To ward of evil and seek protection, we always say ‘touch wood’. There is a reason for that. It is the tree that supports, sustains, nurtures and nourishes life and living. The oxygen needed to live is created by trees.
Guided by the vision of greening and creating s greener, cleaner world, WePlant has taken on the task of planting a million trees in Bengaluru. And in doing so helping the Garden City reclaim its somewhat jaded glory.
With public partnership and the support of corporates, this project aims to plant a million trees within a year. With the intention of increasing the urban forest cover to reduce pollution and mitigate the effects of global warming.
Come join hands with WePlant through, donations, partnering in reaforestation and planting drives, creating content, as volunteers, soliciting active participation, becoming brand ambassadors and spreading the word via your twitter handles and social posts. Generous contributions and adopting denuded spaces and community nitya parks in stressed neighbourhoods will add impetus to this initiative. Making everyone enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Lets take a leaf out of nature. The NURSERIES OF NATURE WILL NURTURE CHANGE.

Let’s come together to plant the seeds of a greener tomorrow.
Today, it’s One Million more trees. And in the many tomorrows to come, more and more chapters of Mission One Million. So that, Robert Frosts words, “ the woods are lovely, dark and deep” ring true again. WePlant will plant and care for them with your encouragement on the ground.