Teach Them Young

WePlant conducts awareness campaign in schools to teach our younger generation about the importance of taking care of our Mother Earth. By planting more trees, saying no to plastic, saving water, storing rain water, and other sustainable means of living.

This will train our future generation to be more aware and be ready. Developing a sense of responsibility from an early age will make them better human beings for the planet. The reality and truth that the Earth doesn’t only belong to humans but also to other species as well will make their thoughts rational and they will be able to take better decisions in the future.A sense of partnership and shared kinship if inculcated in them, they will grow as a responsible living being. We motivate them to reach for the skies hand in hand with the Nature.

Plant a tree. Plant lungs. Plant an oxygen maker. Plant a lifesaver. Don’t waste water and food , stop using plastic.

Help us in this Mission of ours and invite us to your School.