Wake the lake

Of all the planets in the cosmos, what makes earth unique is water. It is why we are called the ‘Blue Planet’. It is why blue is considered the colour of divinity and elevated consciousness. For it is water that supports life. No water. No life.

All the water bodies these days are large cesspools. Water channels, which are considered lifeline of waterbodies, are largely encroached and converted into open drains carrying sewage water. A large polluted water body is certainly not a healthy ecosystem as it pollutes air with an unbearable stink, contaminates ground water and its frothing could potentially cause fires. Rapid urbanisation has massively impacted the flora and fauna.

It is time to avert a natural disaster that is looming large.It is important to respect the finite natural resources and use them judiciously. It is time we accept the harsh realities and the change has to begin. WePlant has decided to make best efforts to reduce the stress on waterbodies thereby saving some goodness for the future generations.


When WePlant, we recharge. Let’s go beyond planting saplings by cleaning up the very source of what nourishes trees : water. Let’s join hands in creating check dams to stop sewage and industrial effluents going into water bodies. Let’s give our dying rivers, lakes, springs and seasonal pools a new lease of life.