Catch the Rain

Planet Earth is an aqueous Planet. 75% of planet’s surface is covered with ocean waters. 97% of all available water is in the Ocean. Only 1% is fresh water. Rain is a primary source of water on this Planet.
Basically we have three water users, Agriculture using 70% of fresh water, Industry uses around 22% of fresh water, balance 8% water is used by Domestic Sector.
With rising population, demand of water by all the sectors has increased considerably. Availability of water for all the users is reducing.DONT LET


Harvest it. Channel it into the ground. Recharge the earth’s natural aquifers. See the depleted water tables rise so dried up wells fill up again. See the ancient step wells or baolis revived and full of water to sustain communities during the dry season, before the monsoons.
Practice rainwater harvesting. Rain water harvesting is an age old method of improving water availability. Mother Nature gives her blessings in the form of rain water, one has to only channelise this rain water from catchment area like rooftop, into storage, to meet water needs.
Team WePlant helps you and guides you in the process and together we can “CATCH THE RAIN”